Promed Ecografe Ecograf Doppler Color Teknova TH5500

Ecograf Doppler Color Teknova TH5500

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Descriere Ecograf Doppler Color Teknova TH5500

Ecograf DOPPLER COLOR HIGH END cu 2 sonde incluse convexa si liniara, 3 porturi, STATIONAR cu monitor LCD HD 15”, DVD writer, HDD 320GB inclus

 *  Continuous high-precision DBF

 *  PC platform / Windows XP OS

 *  15" high resolution non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging

 *  Three activated transducer connectors

 *  Multi-frequency transducer series

 *  Max frequency up to 14MHz

 *  Min. 512-frames of Cine Loop

 *  THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)

 *  Triplex

 *  Trapezoid Imaging

 *  Panoramic Imaging

 *  SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)

 *  One Click Restoration

 *  Min. 160GB HDD for permanent storage

 *  DVD-R/W

 *  Two USB ports

 *  DICOM3.0


 *  Panoramic zoom in real-time and frozen condition, adjustable magnification

 *  English, French interface and more

 *  Support all PC printers and video printers


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